Grand Invasion: A Full-Scale Assault

Aliens have come to conquer the Earth!  But -- they're only two inches tall, there are only three of them, and their spaceship crashed.

Contest video for Grand Invasion

While fleeing a losing interstellar battle, Ensign Beta Boson and her CO, Supreme High Commander Quest Ion, lose control of their damaged ship in the atmosphere of an uncharted planet:  the Earth.  Boson and Ion parachute to safety as their ship, the Omnivore, lands atop a gigantic and suspiciously regular mountain.  Boson doesn't know it, but the ship has crash-landed on the roof of a four-story apartment building.  She and Commander Ion -- along with Ion's yappy and annoying pet, Pixel -- wind up in a ground-floor apartment that contains some of the items Boson's scanner has identified as necessary to fixing the Omnivore.

To make matters worse, the egomaniacal Commander Ion is insisting that Ensign Boson conquer this planet on his behalf -- despite their lack of equipment or weapons.  Knowing this would be suicide, Boson must find an alternative to global domination that will satisfy the glory-hungry Commander Ion, while convincing him that it was his idea.  That alternative?  A treasure rarer than gold.

Grand Invasion: A Full-Scale Assault is a short 3D adventure game, the first in a planned series.  The game was created with the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) and Blender 3D.

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Game development and design Melissa Shaw
Foley art Pad Gallagher
Additional 2D textures Tania Pavlisak
Voice acting Jesus Basuel, Melissa Shaw